Lanzarote’s largest water park is located in Costa Teguise, on the east side of the island. The water park is only about 15 minutes away from Arrecife. The water park has its own bus service running from both Playa Blanca and Puerto del Carmen. Timetables are comfortably available on Aqua Park’s website. The price for back and forth trip is currently 3 euros. The water park is open during all other seasons than mid-winter, because the pools are not heated.

The area has a wide variety of water sliders and pools. There are children’s pools, straight and curling slides, a tube slide and a water slide for rubber rings. In addition to water elements, the park offers children’s car track, an adventure park, 10D Movie Theater and a paintball track. Aqua Park also arranges summer camps.

You should check the park’s website in advance to ensure that all your children have appropriate areas for their heights. On the page, you can find a map with different heights which makes selection easy and fast. There are also limitations regarding ages.

Naturally, the water park has its own cafe and restaurant. The menu includes nuggets, sausages, pizzas and other basic fast-food. Please note that you are not allowed to bring your own snacks to the park areas.

Aqua Park offers its visitors free parking. Baby carriage also has a special parking area. An identity card (passport) is required during card purchases. A passport is also needed if you want to participate in paintball war.

You are most likely to spend the whole day in the water park for sure. Remember to pack sunscreen!

Adventure Park

Aqua Park’s Adventure Park has two tracks. One is aimed for children and the other for over 12-year-olds (also suitable for adults). Tracks have for example Tyrolean crossing and suspension bridges. After the tracks, you can freely climb on the climbing wall.


You can also try paintball war in the water park. For this game, an area of 550 square meters has been built indoors. There is a staged war zone full of special effects, obstacles and much more. The price of the game is 8 Euros for the park customers and 10 Euros for others. Age limit is 14. Your team can include up to 10 players at the same time. Let there be war!

10D Theater

Not 3D but 10D! The film is enhanced by unbelievable special effects, such as leg tickling, neck blowing, vibrating chairs, smoke and much more. The theater is perfect for the whole family. Entrance must be paid separately.

Car track

The car track is aimed for children between the ages of 5 and 12, and will entertain both children and adults who can follow their children’s driving. Cars are two-seaters, so smaller ones can run with siblings or parents. There are two tracks, one for skill and the other for speed. Participation must be paid separately.


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