The main holiday resort in the island includes everything you need on your vacation. This city of 10,000 residents used to be a small fishing village. The village has been built on a coastline, and it has a 6km long beach.

The city has a shopping center, restaurants, and some nightlife. However, not as much as other Canary Islands holiday resorts.

The Biosphere Shopping Center is a versatile four-story shopping center. You can find clothes, shoes, jewellery, bags, aloe products, and children’s toys from the shops. You can also go for a hairdresser, an optician, and sip a cup of coffee. This place is worth checking out. The small amusement park on the fourth floor entertains children. From the roof, you can even find an outdoor theater, Star Light Open Air Cinema. A movie can be enjoyed every night on a comfortable seating with warm blankets. You can call a waitress with a button, so you don’t have to leave your seat during the movie. If you go by car, you can leave it at a free parking hall. Taxi stop is right next to the Biospheran.

What would be a better way to spend your holiday than surfing? Lava Flow organizes well-guided surfing, and even completely inexperienced surfers can participate. You will learn to surf in a day. The place has been praised, and many have succeeded during one day of surfing. A teacher will pick you up, also taking the customers (minimum two customers) back to the hotel, so there is no need to arrange a ride. The prices include equipment, instruction, guidance, picnic and full insurance.

Puerto del Carmen has several beaches. The most popular, Playa Blanca, is known among the villagers as Playa Grande. This way it won’t be mixed with the village of Playa Blanca located more south. Playa Grande has everything you need: showers, washrooms, umbrellas, and lifeguards.

You have plenty of choices for the hotel. You will find the perfect hotel for you and your family, whether you are looking for luxury or family hotel. Hotels can be found from the beach as well as a bit further away.  Take your time and check out different hotels and choose the one for you!

Puerto del Carmen is not leaving the travellers hungry. You can choose from traditional Spanish food, barbecue, fish, of course, pizza, local traditional food and anything in the between.

After eating it is nice to go for a walk. A suitable walking destination could be Wharf in Old Town Harbour. The wharf goes along the shore, and it is a lovely place to walk watching water and life on the beach. Near the wharf, you can find bars as well as live music.

In conclusion, one could say that Puerto del Carmen certainly offers something for everyone due to its many possibilities. They have been clearly thinking about the tourists. Whether you are looking for relaxing beach-break or a bustling nightlife, you will certainly enjoy yourself at Puerto del Carmen.


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