Travelling should be a relaxing break from everyday life. However, unexpected things may happen on any trip. There can be illness, theft, accident or injury. Events cannot be predicted, so travel insurance is worth taking. Insurance brings peace of mind, and you can enjoy your trip without stress.

You can take travel insurance either through a travel agency or an insurance company.

There are differences in the prices and terms of the travel insurances. You should check through the offers of the various companies before your trip, and choose the one that is right for you.

In some companies, the travel insurances also include insuring children under the age of 18 who are travelling with you, while in other companies the age limit can be 15 years or even 20 years. Some companies’ travel insurance also includes grandchildren, siblings, stepsisters or other children living in the same household.

The whole family cannot be covered by one insurance, so both parents need their own travel insurance.

You can take travel insurance just for one trip or make a permanent contract if you travel more often.

If you already have a travel insurance that is part of your union membership, you may not need separate temporary travel insurance. In these cases, the insurance usually also cover children travelling with you. However, it is worth checking it from the union.

Insurance for theft or breakdown of your baggage may not be automatically included. The insurance for baggage can be purchased with extra cost. Many insurance companies compensate baggage up to 2,000 euros. The amount of insurance can also be reduced if you are not carrying anything valuable. This makes the insurance price lower.


So what exactly does a travel insurance cover and compensate?

If your trip is cancelled or interrupted for a reason, the insurance covers for it. Accepted reasons for cancellation include, for example, serious illness, accident or death of a close relative. Or if passenger is needed in their home country for example due to police investigation. Or if passenger’s property in your home country has been damaged and your presence is necessary.  However, passenger not wanting to travel is not a valid reason.

The insurance will also compensate if your doctor prohibits you or your travelling partner travelling due to pregnancy. This applies only if the information comes after booking the trip or buying the insurance.

Insurance will cover if you get sick or suffer from an injury during your trip and you have to go to a doctor, if you get a permanent injury during the trip, or if you have an accident. Emergency dental care is cover until a certain limit. Possible search and rescue costs will be covered.


If the illness you had before the trip suddenly gets worse, the insurance also covers the costs incurred.

If you missed your flight for reasons caused by public transport or if your vehicle breaks down on the way, travel insurance replaces a certain part. If the flight is overdue, you may receive compensation after a certain waiting period. The insurance may not cover if you didn’t reserve enough time to get there.

If you are under 29 weeks pregnant, insurance will cover the treatment expenses caused by the pregnancy for up to one week. If you give birth abroad, insurance will cover all the expenses of the new born child.

Please check your own insurance contract for more specific details.


In case of emergency

If you take travel insurance directly through a travel agency, the travel agency’s first aid team will take information about the event and will assist you in every way. They are in touch with doctors who are taking care of you and supervise your treatment. They will also ensure that your loved ones back home are up to date. They take care of your trip to your home country and ensure that you receive treatment once there.

If you bought your insurance from the insurance company, you could call in case of emergency. They advise what to do and handle the commitments. You will also get instructions on which hospital they have an agreement with.

At Lanzarote hospitals, Centro Medico Elvia and Hospiten (both in Puerto del Carmen) cooperate with Finnish insurance companies. At least doctors of Hospiten will do hotel visits if it is necessary and a valid Finnish travel insurance works as a payment. Medicines are paid on the spot. Store prescription medicine and taxi receipts for the insurance company.


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