Renting a car at Lanzarote is highly recommended. It takes about an hour to drive from another end of the island to the other, so everything is just a short drive away. All the attractions are within your reach when you are moving with four wheels.

There are several rental companies and you can either get the car yourself or order it directly to your hotel. Car booking is often possible online. Most car rental companies also provide service in English since most of the cars are rented to tourists. You should compare different companies’ prices and selection, as there can be a lot of differences.

Over the internet, you can see the available car models or at least similar ones. You should think first what size and style of a car you really need. You might not be able to choose an exact model though. The page might say that the model is “Volkswagen Polo or similar” and in the end, you get a Renault Captur. Well, it is similar enough. Although Lanzarote has a lot of steep and curvy hills, a small car is still enough. You should have air conditioning at least during summer time. In the winter you might not need it. GPS is convenient in these unknown terrains, although it may speak in Spanish.

A family of five can get a car for few days with few dozen euros. In that time you are able to go to many places. Child seats and GPS are available for 10 euros each. Beware, however, that an infant seat doesn’t necessarily fill the same safety requirements as in Northern Europe. Also, only option might be a face-forwarding seat. You should ask about it in advance.

When you order a car through internet brought to the hotel, you will get car at the agreed time, and you will be asked to sign the contract, which states the price and other terms. Payment can be made by credit card. Naturally, you also need to show your driving license. Additional drivers are also marked in the rental contract and they must also show their driving licenses. Once I met a case where the rental company’s worker asked a ride back to Arrecife but had to call a taxi, because the car was full.

You should definitely take pictures of your rental car from each side before you jump behind the wheel. This way when you return the car, it will be clear that it is in the same condition as before it was rented. It is even better if the rental company’s employer happens to stand next to you while you photograph the car. You should point out all the spots and dents to him/her before accepting the car. Also check that all devices, such as wipers, blinkers and air conditioning, are working. Do not accept a car with defects.

If an accident happens on the way or the car is stolen, the person who rented the car must immediately contact the rental company and then the police. Otherwise, the renter is responsible for everything. Fortunately, thefts are not common in Lanzarote. And of course, the renter is responsible for parking tickets and other fines.

You will probably get the car delivered to you with its tank full, so you should fill it again before returning. Also, clean up your mess. You can agree in advance that you leave the car in front of the hotel and the key at the reception. This is the easiest way, and you don’t have to spend more time thinking about returning the car.


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