Lanzarote and Sports

Cycling is very popular at Lanzarote.


This bare but stunningly beautiful member of the Spanish Canary Islands is a superb destination for a sports vacation. The nature of Lanzarote allows diving, surfing, boating, mountain biking, hang gliding, and the roads are excellent for cycling. You can also see football matches of UD Lanzarote, which plays in the 3rd division of the Spanish League. Lanzarote is easy to reach from all European countries. The island is rather popular, so will you easily find accommodation anywhere and through sports you will experience the charming bare nature and the Spanish culture. Although Lanzarote looks bare, the sceneries will enchant anyone.

The roads are well-maintained and provide a great opportunity for cycling.


Cycling is one of Lanzarote’s most loved sports. The roads are well-maintained, there is no heavy traffic and the breath-taking sceneries provide the perfect invitation to start pedaling. There are many routes to choose from, whether you are looking for elevation, straight roads, or ones without up- and downhills. One particularly pretty and recommended route is Punta Mujeres – Arrieta – Orzola – Ye – Arrieta – Punta Mujeres, which is almost 41 km long and passes through La Corona National Park. This route is located on the northern side of Lanzarote. The southern part can boast, for example, with route Costa Teguise – San Bartolome – Mancha Blanca – Uga – Tias – Arrecife – Costa Teguise, which is almost 80 km long and runs through Timanfaya National Park. Keep in mind that this route’s elevation is 800 meters.

If you are up to it, you can even cycle Lanzarote from one end to the other. That means a 100-130 km trip, depending on the route choice. You can choose to pedal through a national park or next to the shore line on the east with more buildings to admire. You can easily locate bicycle rentals in the largest cities, such as La Santa, Playa Blanca, Puerto del Carmen and Costa Teguise, as well as guides willing to advice and even accompany you on the routes.

Lanzarote boasts with some perfect surfing locations.


Lanzarote is often called the Hawaii of Europe as it offers some of the finest surfing opportunities one could hope for.  There are several beautiful and wavy beaches, the best of which are Famara, La Santa, Orzola, Punta De Las Mujeres and San Juan. La Santa is a dream come true for experienced surfers, whilst Famara with its many surf schools is popular among beginners. Famous locations with their stunning waves attract the most surfers, as one can imagine. If you wish for more privacy, you will find numerous appropriate beaches but be prepared for smaller waves.

Barren but breathtakingly beautiful Timanfaya National Park.


Lanzarote is suitable for hiking and trekking, especially popular are the Timanfaya National Park and La Coruna Nature Reserve. You can opt for discovering caves, wandering through volcanic landscapes or climbing till the edge of the crater. Routes worth experiencing include the Caldera Blanca route within Timanfaya region. It leads you to meteor crater Caldera Blancalle, i.e. the White Crater. The view along this specific route is spectacular and you will even get to admire the stunning Montanas Del Fuego volcanoes at distance. You are sure to find a pleasant route within the Timanfaya National Park and moving around is easy, as far as the terrain goes. The rugged volcanic views will remain with you forever!

UD Lanzarote during season 2017-2018.


On Lanzarote you will have a chance to watch, and even pay yourself, the world’s most popular sport, football. UD Lanzarote, nicknamed Los Rojillos (The Red), represents Lanzarote in the 3rd division of the Spanish League, in its local group 12. The team was founded in 1970 and it won the local league two after the very first season. In 1980 the team made its way to the 3rd division of the Spanish League or Tercera Divisiona. UD Lanzarote started to gain fame in the beginning of 2000 and even played against Real Madrid in 2001. After 2003-2004 it has not won the 3rd division, and has never made its way till the national league two. The team’s home stadium is in Arrecife ja you get a ticket with 12 euros to watch it play, and with mere 5 euros if you are aged 12-17 vuotias. Those under 12 do not need to pay at all. Home matches are organized on Sundays at the Ciudad Deportiva De Lanzarote stadium.


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