Playa Blanca is a highly popular family holiday resort and located at the south end of Lanzarote. This sunny village has been built especially for vacation usage. You will be fine there just with English; someone might even understand few words of Finnish. A little volcano called Montana Roja adorns the landscape of the Playa Blanca.

Playa Blanca has a 9 kilometers long shoreline. It is divided into three different small bays. The main beach has been awarded the Europe’s Blue Flag due to its perfect state, so it is a safe destination for the whole family. Playa Blanca means white beach in English.

A long promenade runs along the beach. It is beautiful place for a walk, especially during the sunset.

Besides the beaches, Playa Blanca has a good selection of restaurants. Along the promenade, you can find both seafood restaurants and traditional Spanish restaurants. As alternatives, you can also find pizzerias, burger restaurants or anything from Indian places to grill restaurants. Service in the restaurant is always joyful, and you will certainly feel welcome.

You can buy all kinds of things at Playa Blanca, from jewelry, shoes, bags, dresses to watches, etc. And of course you can opt for a wide range of swimming equipment such as swimming rings, air mattresses, floats, snorkels…

From the stores, you can also find clothes for the whole family. Friendly shop assistants will guide you with clothes, and you will surely find something for everyone, be it t-shirts, tops or dresses.

You can find groceries from few different stores. Store’s selection is pretty similar to the shops in Finland and elsewhere in Europe, and products are easy to find. One big difference with for example the Finnish stores is milk selection – they don’t really have it. Compared to many countries, Lanzarote offers less milk and milk products, but on the other hand, choosing is easier. Choosing your coffee can be a gamble. You might find it difficult to locate something that closely matches your local favourite.


Try diving!

At Playa Blanca you can try diving. You can rent the needed equipment, and for example, Rubicon Diving’s service involves picking up the customers from the hotel. You will also get a ride back. One dive with rental equipment costs about 55 euros. Diving lessons are also available. Teaching is organized in English, Spanish, German and French.

Waters of Lanzarote are home for species like monkfish, ray, sea bass and barracuda.


Montana Roga’s Walking Trail

Clearly visible Montana Roja volcano in Playa Blanca is surrounded with a walking trail. From the mountain, you have a great view of the city. Please note that the route has no places in shadow or refreshing opportunities. On the other hand, you can buy drinks relatively close if you start to get sweaty. The route is not hard and just three kilometers long depending on your starting point.

In Playa Blanca traveling by taxi is cheap. A whole family can get from the hotel to the beach even with just three euros. This is so ridiculously small price that you will be happy to leave a tip. Taxi drivers are also friendly. So don’t be afraid to use taxi if you feel like you have been walking enough. Taxis can be found from the parking places reserved for them. Hotel reception will be happy to call you a taxi in front of the hotel.

Playa Blanca is worth visiting. The sun is shining, and people are smiling. What could be nicer than that?


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