Lanzarote is a good destination for families with children. The flight may feel long, but if you come up with something to do on the plane, you will be there before you even notice. Before the trip, you should buy some new books or toys. Those can help keep the child busy during the long flight.

Sunglasses and hats should be available in carry-on luggage for easy access when arrived at the destination.

To make finding your stuff easier, you should unpack your luggage and hang your clothes in a closet when you arrive at a hotel.  You should also make sure that the beds have clean sheets ready for the night, so you don’t have to handle that with already tired children.

Lanzarote is a child-friendly holiday spot because of it’s friendly and caring people. Even during one week trip, you might not see a single drunk person. Of course, every country has these, but Lanzarote doesn’t have similar drinking culture as Finland has.

Explore by walking

If you choose to explore surroundings of the hotel with your kids, you may want to rent stroller from the hotel reception (if possible, at least Hotel Lopez offers this service). Daily rent for a stroller is about five euros. You can easily carry your backpack with drinks, diapers and extra pair of clothing in the stroller.

Beaches at Lanzarote are usually suitable for children. Beaches are shallow, and the water deepens slowly. Along with swimsuits, you should take with you to the beach a separate bag for wet and sandy swimsuits.  Sand goes everywhere when kid sits in the sand after swimming. Sand will be found still at the hotel, but no need to stress about it, it will all come off in the shower.

Walking outside makes you desire for an ice cream or food. There are many different kinds of child-friendly restaurants from Burger King to fancy establishements. Most of the restaurants have the highchair for the little ones. Nearby the beaches you can find ice cream parlors, pizzerias and so much more.

During your holiday, you shouldn’t stress too much about time and children’s eating and sleeping schedules. When parents are more relaxed, children follow the example. You have time to think about your schedules when you return to your daily file.

Travelling by car with children

Travelling by car with children at Lanzarote works the same way as at home. Child can take a nap in a car and in especially in this case, an air-conditioned car is a must. For sure kids will love a cool car after a thorough examination of some sightseeing.


Favourites for children

Lanzarote has a wide range of destinations, but which ones are the best for children? Instead of walking for hours, kids enjoy more about ice cream, water parks, swimming in general, the zoo and above all, being together with family. Children usually enjoy just hanging out the most.

Speaking English can be exiting for the older kids. A good way to do this is going to market alone. Also buying ice cream independently can be a lifetime memory to tell to their friends. These situations also increase the child’s self-confidence in social situations.

Hotel Lopez’s hotels have Dinopark water parks. Kids will definitely enjoy Dinoparks water slides and pools. Pools are not deep, so also toddlers can play in them. Near the pool, you can find sunbeds for sunbathing.


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