Submarine safaris are arranged in the harbor of Puerto Calero. They are using a submarine made in Turku, Finland in 1990, which is called Sub Fun Tres, aka “Yellow Submarine.

This submarine safari is different from many other safaris because it is a real submarine. Submarines of other safaris do not dive and just run on the surface. For example, the Playa Blanca Nautilus boat floats on the surface, while the cabin is still below the surface. However, Sub Fun Tres can dive up to 60 meters depth. During the dive, the safari depth is 30-31 meters. This is because most marine life can be seen in this depth.

During the dive, you can see fish and shipwrecks lying on the bottom of the sea. Divers feed the fish so they can be seen near the submarine. The organizer promises that during every dive you can see a large number of sea creatures. So you are definitely not going to get bored. And naturally you should bring a camera with you.

Each passenger has his/her own, about 80 cm sized window. Also, everyone has his/her own TV screen that gives extra angles, making sure you won’t miss out on anything.

All children aged 2 years or more can participate. Safari is also safe for people who are pregnant, or those with an ear- or heart disease. The submarine is spacious; even many people with claustrophobia (fear of small places) have felt comfortable inside it. Also, you don’t get seasick in a submarine, like on a ship, because it travels underneath the waves. So during the dive, you don’t feel the same swinging feeling as on a ship. Therefore the trip is recommended for everyone.

After diving, passengers will receive a special diving certificate. You can also buy a photo of yourself on the submarine deck.

Almost a million customers have visited the Submarine Safaris diving trip.

Finnish submarines

Finnish Mobimar Oy designs and builds submarines and other vessels for various purposes. Around the world, there are 30 submarines for tourist diving; 14 of those are made by Mobimar and 12 of those are in use.

The Sub Fun Tres, a submarine in Puerto Calero, was built-in Turku in 1990 and was sold to Spain in 1997. The submarine was specifically built for tourists. Other submarines from Finland have also been sold to Canary Islands, for example, the Sub Fun Cinco for Tenerife and the Golden Shark for Gran Canaria. Every submarine is worth about 3 million euros.

The submarine in Puerto Calero can accommodate up to 48 passengers plus the crew. The submarine is 18.5 meters long and 4 meters wide. The height is 6.5 meters and the weight impressive 106 tons. The submarine has a total of 22 viewing windows, with even bigger 160 cm wide windows at both ends.


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