The climate of Lanzarote is ideally stable throughout the year. In January the daily average temperature is 17 degrees, while in August it is 25 degrees Celsius.

The only difference between winter and summer is night temperatures. Lanzarote’s winter is very short, as it is basically only in January and February. You can expect some cool nights between December and March. In winter the night temperature may go down to 10-12 degrees, but usually, it is about 15 degrees. Water of Lanzarote is about 18-21 degrees round the year. You will be fine with summer clothes the whole day in the winter also but after 10 pm long trousers and coats are needed.

Actual summer season starts in June and lasts till the end of October. During that time the daytime temperature stays around 25 to 28 degrees. At night it is usually 18 to 19 degrees. So it is really nicely warm. Not too hot and not too cold. Even with infants, the heat shouldn’t be a problem whilst in Lanzarote.

The sea temperature is at its peak between August and October. During this time the average temperature of the waves is 22 degrees. Leaving the cold winter behind for a while may sound tempting. So why not?

Chilly winds are surrounding the Canary Islands, which is why Lanzarote usually doesn’t have really hot weather. This is great for those who don’t wish for a lot of heat.

The north coast of the island is windier than the sourthern. The volcanoes in the middle of the island are protecting the south part from the winds.

It doesn’t rain very often in Lanzarote.  In average, it only rains in 16 days a year. The island experiences heavy rainstorm a couple of times in a decade. The island has flood channels, but those cannot handle that much. Luckily, floods happen extremely, and after rain, there is always sunshine. Statistically, it rains more often in other Canary Islands. Partly because there is no high mountains in Lanzarote.

Therefore you can travel to Lanzarote at any time. Almost every day is sunny, and rain is rare. If you want to escape from boring everyday life or cold winter, Lanzarote is the perfect choice. When people in Finland are hiding under the warm blankets, people in Lanzarote are at the beach enjoying the sun.

Occasionally warm air drifts straight from Sahara to Lanzarote. This causes a heat wave for a few days. Sand might sometimes travel by the air and locals call it Calima.


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