On the sides of Arrecife’s promenade, you will find beautiful old buildings with stunning sea views. Especially the main promenade La Marina is impressive. Many of the beach boulevards are renovated, but some are still in their original condition. Church of Iglesia de San Ginés, which was completed in 1665, is a magnificent church and it is worth visiting. Inside the church is the statue of San Ginéz who is the guardian angel of the island.

César Manrique (24.04.1919 – 25.09.1992) is a name that you cannot avoid in Lanzarote. He is a world-famous artist, who is one of the greatest and most famous people of the island. César returned to his home island in the 1960s and died in a car accident at the age of 73. Fundación César Manrique is a foundation which is named after him and continues his work. You can visit the artist’s former house to see his work and architecture. The artist’s home is an impressive sight indeed. He designed it himself and inside there are large underground rooms. The house also features Marique’s own works and, in addition, works by Picasso and Miró. The place is absolute must especially for art and architecture lovers.

Manrique has left his mark on the island in the form of various buildings and works of art. Nature is strongly presented in his works. I addition to the buildings, Manrique has also designed gardens and cactus garden called Jardín de Cactus, which is located twenty kilometers away from Arrifece. Cactus Park has thousands of cactus trees and is definitely one of the finest attractions on the island.

Manrique has had a huge impact on the island’s overview. The island is different from the other Canary Islands due to its plain and light color palette. Manrique had his own part in the island’s overall appearance, and people are trying to retain it as well as possible. Almost all of the island’s buildings are low and whitewashed.



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