Renting a car is worthwhile because you can see much more and at your own rhythm. You may end up in peripheral areas where tourist buses don’t go. This way you can see the true Lanzarote where locals live. Maybe you will find some unique restaurant that cannot be found anywhere else. You can also choose the exact attraction or destination that you are currently interested in. No need to follow bus schedules. This is also easier with children. Snack and nap times are easier to organize when you are the driver.

Traffic in Lanzarote is similar to that of most Europe. Right-hand traffic and avoidance rules are the same, etc. Lanzarote also has traffic circles and roads are mostly in good condition. Road works are generally well-marked, and you can find your way easily despite the road works. Taxis seem to drive aggressively. However, they watch out for walkers really well. You watch out also for people walking over the crosswalk… Right?

Maybe the best thing about having a car is that you can stop whenever you see a beautiful place and stay there for a while. You can enjoy the scenery with your own travel companion without being rushed to the bus. Such places can be found all around Lanzarote. You will have hard time choosing a place to stop.

Surely many people are fascinated by volcanoes. Finns, and most other people, are more used to seeing them mainly through television. At Lanzarote, they can be seen very closely, and the car is definitely a more convenient option if you compare it to cycling, for example. Unless you happen to love exercising. The hills are long and steep, and the sun is burning especially at noon. It’s worth going to Timanfaya Nature Park only with car. With a car, you can get to really high places, but next to the craters you can only go by bus.

When driving down from the mountains, you need to bear in mind a few tips. Patience is a virtue here and a small car. Don’t burn the breaks in down hills. Keep the speed low and breaking times small, and it will be fine. Against the oncoming car on a narrow mountain road, drive calmly to the side and wait for the other one to pass.

The cities have fewer hills. There are lots of shopping places, and luckily the car has a trunk that you can fill with your shopping. In the trunk, you can also easily store your spare clothes and towels if you decide to go for a swim in the middle of a shopping trip. Who could resist those beaches?

One interesting route runs to Papagayo’s fabulous beaches. When leaving the asphalt and entering the dirt road, you will notice it is quite bumpy. And the bumps are not just in the beginning. The loud laughter from the back seats tells you about the bumpy road. The parking lot is waiting when you arrive, and you can leave the car there. The journey continues by walking towards the beach, and at this point, that dirt road is surely already forgotten, because you will see these incredible beautiful lagoons. Here the soul rests.

If you spend the whole day driving around and want to get back to the hotel as soon as possible, then don’t worry, the journey is never long. The next day you can have an adventure somewhere else. Maybe next you could go to Rancho Texas Animal Park in Puerto del Carmen? Or perhaps to Mirador del Rion’s vantage point in the north part of the island?


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