Various interesting events are organized at Lanzarote all year around. Carnivals, music and parades form a large part of the island’s events. The island does not have much team sport activities, but especially football is easy to watch in the bars on a big screen.

Shrovetide Carnival takes place before Easter and is undoubtedly one of the biggest events around. You can follow and participate in big parades, listen to vibrant music and watch the magnificent fireworks. During the Shrovetide Carnival, you should head to Arrecife or Puerto del Carmen, where the biggest parades are arranged. Parades are also held on Easter, as it is an important occasion at Lanzarote.

The Festival de Artes Escénicas Malpaís in March and International Jazz Festival in July attract a lot of people, and promise high-quality performers and joyful time.

Lanzarote is a truly peaceful holiday destination. People usually come there to relax or engage in various leisure activities. If you want to have a crazy party, Lanzarote is not the place for you. Lanzarote is more of a destination for families with children and for people who enjoy lot of activities. However, there are places around Lanzarote where you can celebrate and enjoy alcohol. Alcohol is inexpensive, and it is available almost around the clock. José Antonio Street in the capital is the center of city’s nightlife, and there you can be find several bars and restaurants open until the early hours. There are also some places on the promenade where you can spend the night, but as mentioned: there are not many options.

Lanzarote’s nightlife is often considered to be the restaurants’ terraces where you can enjoy cheap alcohol and enjoy the evening. Don’t waste your time looking for actual nightclubs.


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