The island does not have a lot of actual attractions. The island’s biggest attractions include volcanoes, nature, beaches and wonderful setting for sports. The capital region has the most typical attractions. Nature sites in the northern parts and the inland of the island are beyond compare, and you should definitely see them by bike or by foot. Below are some of the most famous and interesting destinations on the island.

Among the most popular attractions in the Arrecife, the capital, is the beautiful Charco de San Ginés Lagoon. The lagoon has restaurants where you can comfortably have breakfast or enjoy your evening. Beautiful buildings and terraces create the most pleasant atmosphere. You can go around the lagoon and get straight back to the beach.

Le Rocova marketplace is the most famous shopping place of Arrecife. From the market place, you can buy typical local products, such as crafts.

Puente de Las Bolas Bridge, located on the promenade, is a very special and beautiful attraction. It leads to the Castillo San Gabriel (Castle of Saint Gabriel). These days a City Museum operates in the castle, and it is definitely worth visiting.

Located next to the Muelle de Los Mármoles harbor and inside the Castillo de San Josén castle is the Museum of Contemporary Art that is absolutely worth your time. People who enjoy modern art and restaurants should definitely include this sight to their list.

Elsewhere in Arrecife you cannot really find more real attractions. However, it is worth to move around the city and get to know more closely its small boutiques and all the fascinating details that are not advertised in the media.

It is a good idea to visit the Costa Teguise to see its beautiful beaches, which can be used for various sports. Costa Teguise is built specifically for tourists, so you will find things that are typically aimed at tourists, such as a water park, an aquarium world and El Pueblo Marinero center where you can enjoy local dishes and sit on the terrace. Costa Teguise also has good hiking opportunities and is a popular destination for sports enthusiasts.

From the island, you can rent a bicycle that you can use to get to know the island easier. By biking, you can explore the island faster than walking and time is left for something else. Guided biking tours are also arranged at the island for those who want to learn while exercising.

The island has great diving opportunities. Many places rent equipment and also teach. Diving below the water’s surface is an interesting way to explore the island’s natural beauty.

The northern part of Lanzarote has great natural sights. Especially the effects caused by volcanic eruptions are interesting. The small island called La Graciosa, located on the north side of the island, is an interesting place that can be explored by boat rides or from the lookout spot of Mirador del Rion. The most popular sights in the north is Cueva del Los Verses, a green cave.  You will also locate marvelous attractions made by volcanic eruption near the town Haria.

Located in the inner part of the island, there is a town called Haria which is one of the best natural sites. It is surrounded by a lot of natural beauty and it has good connections to Orzola, where you can find magnificent beaches. Haria can be conveniently reached by bus from Arrecife. Sundays’ busy markets are arranged in Haria and lot of people come there. The town also hosts three lovely museums.

Playa del Honda is located next to airport, near Arrecife. Playa del Honda has shopping centers, beaches and is a popular neighborhood for people in Arrecife. It is not an actual beach holiday destination, but it is worth a visit for shopping, among other things. Playa Honda has a three kilometers long sandy beach, which is a great place for relaxing and is worth a visit on the way to the airport, for example. The city has a lot of great restaurants and shops, especially along the main street called Avenida Playa Honda.

Puerto del Carmen is one of the island’s largest beach resorts. Its biggest attraction is actually the opportunity for various activities, such as walking, biking, diving and surfing. Puerto del Carmen offers a great opportunity to practice any of the above mentioned sports. Naturally, you can rent the necessary equipment to participate right on the spot. Many say that his destination is an absolute must for sports enthusiasts.


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