Restaurants can be found literally at every corner of Lanzarote. On the popular beach destinations and cities you can easily find familiar flavors for every taste, because they are mainly aimed at tourists. Of course, these places also offer local dishes, but especially genuine Spanish food can be found inland and in the capital. Price level in Lanzarote’s restaurants is kind for your wallet and selection is luckily very diverse.

Traditional Spanish dishes play the main role in Arrecife, the capital, and inland. Arrecife offers more than just tourist restaurants. Restaurants are also very popular among locals, and I recommend you to go for a visit and get to know the real Spanish food culture in an authentic setting.

Restaurants aimed for tourist are mostly found on the promenade. These places are well-equipped from the tourists’ point of view: menu has international delicacies, and all kinds refreshments can be enjoyed on the terrace. You will also certainly see lot of fast-food places, such as kebabs and pizzerias.

The main street has a fairly poor selection of restaurants; you’ll find mostly just cafes, which are not open all day. Cafes are often closed on weekends from early in the evening.

Along José Antonio’s street, which is the center of Arrecife’s nightlife, you will find a variety of different restaurants and fast food places. There are also good places for drinks and spending the evening. Lanzarote doesn’t offer much of actual nightclubs.

Costa Teguise, one of the largest beach resorts in Lanzarote, has huge range or restaurants both on the beach and inside the shopping malls. Options make especially tourists happy. There you can find, for example, British pub food and Indian restaurants. The island’s restaurants are mainly aimed at British and Germans, and this is reflected in the menus. Other beach areas such as Playa Blanca and Puerto de Carmen, mostly offer the same options as Costa Teguise.

Lanzarote’s local food supple is similar to other Canary Islands. Of course, fish and other seafood are used a lot in the kitchen. There are a lot of different fish dishes and every menu has at least few fish options. Numerous potato varieties grow on the islands, so naturally those are used a lot in the kitchen. Meat is not used much, but still more than in the other Canary Islands. Common meats include goat and rabbit. Local cheeses and wines are excellent. Wines grow in a volcanic soil and they are planted in low lava craters.

Foods aimed for tourist are familiar from world’s other holiday destinations. Fast food places such as kebab restaurants, Indian, Chinese and other Asian restaurants, for example sushi restaurants, are common. Italian restaurants mainly concentrate on pizza, pasta and steaks.

Lanzarote is not the vegetarian paradise. Even though vegetables are used a lot, salads almost always come with tuna or other fish. Otherwise, completely vegetarian foods hardy exist. Italian restaurants offer options without meat such as pizzas and pasta dishes. Of course there are some vegetarian restaurants on the island, but not many compared to those offering meat.

The price level of Lanzarote is a tourist friendly. The price level of food and drinks is generally low, but it varies in different places. Food and drinks are cheaper and higher quality in Affecife and inland, while at beach locations they are slightly more expensive and weaker quality. Still these places are much more cheaper than in Finland. You should keep in mind that in some places they may include 9% VAT in the invoice afterwards, but usually it is already included in the prices.

In Lanzarote, the opening hours of restaurants varies between the cities. In tourist areas restaurants are open from morning to late evening and also on weekends and on Mondays. Beach locations have better opening hours than inland and the capital. The presence of tourists influences the opening hours a lot, so if you want to make sure that food is available from morning until night, you should head to the beach boulevard.



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