Jameos del Agua is part of a six kilometers long tunnel. The tunnel was born 4,000 years ago when La Corona volcano erupted. The tunnel starts directly from the volcano’s crater and leads to the sea.

César Manrique, who was born on the island, designed this wonderful sight in the 1960s. At first, people didn’t believe in his ideas. What could you use lava for? However, in 1968 they had to change their minds, as Manrique had created something unique. The design has been done respecting the nature and white crabs living in there.

Jameos del Agua is located in Haria, in the northern part of the island. Right in the begging, you can go down along the stone stairs; there is a café for the audience. In the café, a beautiful underwater view opens in front of your eyes. As you move forward, incredible underground lake opens in front of you. It was formed by the water flowing between the cliffs. The water is crystal clear, and you can see the bottom. As you look at the bottom, you feel like you are on a high mountain and feel in your stomach high place tension, even though it’s not a high place. Clear water manages to create the illusion. On the bottom, you can see white dots. Looking closer you realize they are small crabs. This is the only place where these crabs live. Crabs are blind, and because of the darkness, they are albinos. These crabs are called jameitos.

The sun’s rays flood in from the hole in the roof and hit the water. A beautiful, calming music plays in the background. You just don’t want to leave this place. The atmosphere is serene and quiet.

To describe the atmosphere, I could mention the beautiful waterscapes of the Tomb Raider games. Many have had the same vision about this spelling underwater lake. And no wonder, you could imagine Lara jumping towards that cage hanging from the roof…

In addition to the beautiful lake, it is possible to learn how the volcano works. Different rooms show what happens during the eruption. This is why Jameos del Agua would be a perfect destination for school groups.  Kids will be excited about interactive activities. The area called La Casa de Los Volcanes serves as an annual gathering place for international researchers. In the area, they can track the actual, current temperature of the volcanoes.

You also have a change to explore different types of rocks because all the island’s rock types are presented in one room.

Located in the central spot is a turquoise swimming pool with palm trees and flowers creating a beautiful scene. The swimming pool is not available because only the king of Spain has the right to swim in it.

From the pool, you can get to the auditorium, where classical concerts are organized because of its excellent acoustics. The auditorium was opened for the first time in 1987. In 2009, a renovation was completed, and the auditorium has been used for filming, for example, movie Broken Embraces by Pedro Almodovar.

When you arrive at the highest point of Jameos del Agua, the magnificent view surrounds you. For sure you want to get your camera and capture the landscapes that are good enough even for postcards.

There are two cafes, one can be found right at the beginning, and other is next to Casa de Los Volcano. The café offers excellent views of both the pool and the Atlantic Ocean.

The place is open every day from ten to five. Entrance fees are 8 euros for an adult and 4 euros for children. Customer service is awesome, and employees recognize Finns among others. They are even able to say thank you in Finnish. An English-language brochure is available from the counter and will be helpful during the tour.

On Tuesdays and Saturdays, the place is also open at night time (7pm-2am). During the night, guests can enjoy a la carte dinner and folk music. The price of the evening program is 39 euros per adult. The price includes entrance, a three-course dinner and live music. DJ makes the night perfect. The night program is highly acclaimed, and especially the sunset you have a chance to enjoy is spectacular. When the sun is going down, the lighting changes to violet and the first stars of the night come out. Experience is certainly magical.




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