Shopping in Lanzarote is easy and convenient. Whether you are in the coastal resorts or in the capital, shopping possibilities are good. Especially the price-quality ratio of local products is great.

Arrecife, the capital of the island, has good shopping possibilities, but not as good as in Puerto del Carmen or other beach areas. From Arrecife, you will find mainly clothes, shoes, groceries and local products such as handicrafts, wine and cheeses. Shops at Arrecife have afternoon siesta and are completely closed on Sundays, so I recommend that you head to the beach areas if your goal is to empty the store shelves as thoroughly as possible.

Beach locations do not have siesta and stores are not closed on Sundays. Costa Teguise has a large shopping center called Centro Comercial Las Cucharas. From the shopping center, you can find, among other things, branded clothing, jewelry, perfumes, electronics and other products aimed mainly for people with slightly higher income. On the main street of Puerto del Carmen you will meet all kinds of stores selling anything from grocery to fashion.

Usually at Lanzarote tourist buy brand products, clothing, shoes, perfumes, food, alcohol and tobacco products. However, you shouldn’t buy expensive electronic products at least from the beach areas. In the capital, you may find high quality electronic products at slightly cheaper prices than at home.

Lanzarote also offers a range of sport products for low price, for example for cycling, hiking and camping. Different kinds of fairs are also common in Lanzarote, and they are ideal places to admire especially local handicrafts. Lot of tourists go to the fairs, and they are great places to spend time, for example, by buying souvenirs.

There are plenty of grocery stores, especially at the beach areas, not so much in Arrecife and inland. At beach areas, grocery stores are open every day unlike in the capital, where they are closed on Sundays, along with all other shops.

The price level rather low in Lanzarote and notably cheaper than, say, in Northern Finland. Combined with the fact that in most places the shops’ opening hours are extensive, Lanzarote is a good destination for shoppers. When choosing their travelling destination, shoppers should remember that the stores in Arrifice do not have as good a selection and opening times as the stores at beach locations.


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